An Independent, self reliant, Spontaneous, Strong and Vibrant Cooperative Movement concerned for the community in general and the weak in particular.


Inspiring Mutual help and Cooperative values with honesty, dignity, proactively, responsiveness, commitment and professionalisation for regularization of sustained and planned economic growth and socio-cultural up-liftment of the people of Orissa.


To usher in a vibrant cooperative movement in the state with all financially strong, self reliant, democratic, autonomous & member driven so as to fulfill the basic objective of promotion of social & economic interest of the individual in accordance with cooperative principles.


To implement the policies and programmers of the Central and State Governments for the benefit of farmers and other economically weaker sections through cooperatives and for strengthening the cooperative movement.


To faster Socio –Economic development of the state through Cooperative initiatives.


Act, Rules & Bye – Laws


The Odisha Cooperative Societies Act – 1962


The Odisha cooperative Societies Rules 1965

  The Odisha Self Help Cooperative Act – 2001

Every Cooperative society registered under the Odisha Cooperation Societies Act -1962 has a bye law of its own consistent with the provision of the OCS Act – 1962. Similarly Cooperative registered under  the Odisha Self-Help Cooperative Act – 2001 has its own Articles of Association consistent with the OSHC Act-2001